Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Conclave: What's Happening Right Now

Matt Malone at America Magazine is posting some great stuff as the Conclave gets underway.  I understand he'll be posting throughout the Conclave process.  (Also, he just tweeted that apparently lightning struck literally as the Conclave was beginning. If the Cardinals needed any more encouragement to make some good choices...)  He notes the Cardinals don't seem to have any consensus yet.  Cardinal George has apparently said the Conclave could easily go to the end of the week, which would be highly unusual.

At Commonweal, Grant Gallicho is also posting.   Both he and Matt report that there seems to be movement among the Cardinals to consider Sean O'Malley from Boston.  O'Malley has certainly had a lot of experience with managing the sexual abuse crisis.  He's also not your typical pushy American.  I'll try to post a bio of him later today, along with at least one other papabile.

Grant also mentions that there's a lot of chatter in Rome about why Benedict really resigned.  Frankly, I find the whole thing a bit much. Yes the Church has many problems right now, but when an 84 year old man exits, the idea that somehow he's on the run or been run on just seems preposterous.

Here's a report from the Mass, where Dean of the College of Cardinals Angelo Sodano preached. You'll remember it was at a Mass like this that Benedict really captured the hearts and minds of the Cardinals.  Many think it was the moment that made him the Pope.

Sodano is not eligible to vote. And NCR seems to think his homily is telling the voting Cardinals who the Curia want as Pope. I wonder if the Curia are getting nervous, what with all the buzz this week about the Cardinals wanting reform there.

More later!

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