Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Other People are Saying Today About the Conclave

Matt Malone at America reports that he doesn't think it likely we'll see white smoke today.  Little does he know after each ballot they turn up the temperature in the Sistine Chapel. Should be about 95 degrees by the last vote today.

In NCR, Tom Reese has written an interesting piece about the way John Paul II's changes to the voting after 10 or 12 ballots has radically altered the landscape of the election.  (Basically, if the majority can wait long enough, the balloting requirements drop from 2/3rds to a majority. So, once a majority has been achieved, they can just wait it out.) Meanwhile John Allen is calling today the "Super Tuesday" of the Conclave.

And at the Tablet, they're running a fantastic live blog talking about everything going on, from topless protestors to the chemical make up of the black smoke.  

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