Thursday, September 26, 2013

RIP Father Naus

Marquette University, my alma mater, announced that one of its great Jesuits, Father John Naus, passed away over the weekend.  John was an institution at Marquette, a man just as comfortable blowing up balloon animals or playing a little guitar and singing funny songs with students as saying Mass and hearing confessions.

He had a way of bringing out the childlike in people young and old, and his loss will be keenly felt even by those who haven't seen him in many years.

I notice that on Marquette's Tumblr they posted a little story about John with some great ideas on how to honor him. Ideas like: 

  • Mail a hand-written card to a friend 
  • Buy someone a cup of coffee
  • Ask your roommate about their day and genuinely listen
  • Walk someone home 
  • Tell a joke
  • Act like it’s Christmas in September 
  • See written on the forehead of everyone you meet today, ‘Make me feel important.’
He was a very good man.  

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