Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GOP: "Health Care, Gun Control -- Let's Burn It All Down"

So federal government services were shut down at midnight EST last night. 800000 thousand jobs have been furloughed (i.e no work, no pay); another one million will be forced to continue working without pay until the shutdown is resolved.

And all this, because the House Republicans don't like the Affordable Care Act.

That's right -- the House Republicans shut down the government because they oppose universal health care.  Which for the rest of the world, is the equivalent of crazy talk gibberspeak "huh?"

Seriously, House Republicans, what are you thinking? The bill passed almost four years ago. If you were looking for a mandate to overturn it, you had the 2012 election, in which, oh wait, Obama got reelected -- and pretty handily.  Even the Supreme Court has validated the law as constitutional.  The Supreme Court, for God's sake.

Plus, it's a law to provide universal health care. You're opposing people's right to have health coverage. It's like opposing Disneyland -- in fact it's even weirder, because you can at least imagine someone saying I just don't like giant smiling mice. Who in their right mind would say "I just don't want people to have health care"?

Now, maybe we shouldn't be surprised. I mean, we watched grade schoolers get gunned down almost a year ago and still you guys (and many of your Democrat colleagues) couldn't agree to basic background checks and a ban on assault weapons. All that, despite the fact that over 50% of Americans wanted these measures.

Read that again, boyo, because the last time over 50% of Americans wanted stronger gun laws was in Nineteen Twenty NEVER. But still you didn't pass it.

(Oh, and in case you're counting -- I assume you're not, but we live in hope -- there have quite a few shootings since then.  Including one a few weeks ago at the Navy Yard in your own backyard.  But no, please, protect my right to be mentally ill or pissed off or just plain bored and still be able to purchase an AK-47 for random gunplay. PLEASE.)

You have to wonder, for a party that opposes universal health care, has no problems with the entire population being armed, oh and last week voted to cut food stamps (because nothing signals real concern for the neediest than trying to both stop them from having health care and preventing them from having what they need to stay healthy), what exactly is the master plan?

Personally, I'm thinking a cull. Survival of the fittest, 21st century style, baby. Existence as an obstacle course of bullets and injury avoidance, covered in a fine dressing of enforced self-loathing. The perfect way to wipe out the weakest among us (which by the way includes not only our supposedly "deadbeat poor" but our children and our elderly), oh and totally coincidentally also a disproportionate percentage of the non-white population.

It's definitely an interesting political strategy, especially after the last election.  What are you the party of now, exactly? The well, the white, the wealthy? (Oh, sorry, don't let me forget, the weaponized.)

Does that really work for you? Because it really does seem crazypants atrociously godawful.  And it'd be nice not to be that.


PS Anyone seen a bishop? Because this would be a good moment for someone to show some leadership and say something.

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