Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Eucharistic Prayer Ever

Have you ever heard any of the Eucharistic prayers for children? They're actually kind of awesome.  A lot of the mumbo jumbo that can so quickly lose you ("oblation"? Really, translators? Really?) here gets re-set in the simplest terms possible, and in many cases that simplicity translates into great pathos and beauty.

The Children's Mass prayers have yet to be retranslated (thanks be to the Holy Spirit and the Baby Jesus).  Let's hope that trend continues.

Here's Eucharistic Prayer I for Children. Enjoy.
God our Father,
You have brought us here together
So that we can give you thanks and praise
For all the wonderful things that you have done.
We thank you for all that is beautiful in the world
And for the happiness you have given us.
We praise you for daylight
And for your word which lights up our minds.
We praise you for the earth
And all the people who live on it,
And we praise you for our life,
Which comes from you.

We know that you are good.
You love us and do great things for us.
You are always thinking about your people;
You never forget us.
You sent us your Son Jesus,
Who gave his life for us
And came to save us.
He cured sick people;
He cared for those who were poor
And wept with those who were sad.
He forgave sinners
And taught us to forgive each other.
He loved everyone
And showed us how to be kind.
He took children in his arms and blessed them.
All over the world, your people praise you.
So now we pray with the whole Church:
With Francis our Pope, Jose our bishop, and all your people.
In heaven the blessed Virgin Mary,
Her husband Joseph,
The apostles, the martyrs and all the saints
Always sing your praise.
So now we join with them and with the angels
As we say/sing: 
Holy, Holy....
God our Father
You are most holy
And we want to show you that we are grateful.

And so we bring you bread and wine
And ask you to send your Holy Spirit to make these gifts
The body and blood of Jesus your Son.
On the night before he died,
Jesus was having supper with his apostles.
He took bread from the table,
And gave you thanks and praise.
Then he broke the bread,
And gave it to his friends, saying:
Take this, all of you, and eat of it.
For this is my Body,
Which will be given up for you.

When supper was ended,
Jesus took the cup that was filled with wine.
Again he thanked you, gave it to his friends, and said:
Take this, all of you, and drink from it.
This is the cup of blood,
The blood of the new and everlasting covenant.
It will be shed for you and for all
That sins may be forgiven.
Do this in memory of me.

We do now what Jesus told us to do.
We remember his death and resurrection
And we offer you, Father, the bread that gives us life,
And the cup that saves us.
Jesus brings us to you;
Welcome us as you welcome him.

Let us proclaim our faith: 
We proclaim your death, Lord, and profess your resurrection…

Because you love us,
You invite us to come to your table.
Fill with the joy of the Holy Spirit
As we receive the body and blood of your Son.

You never forget any of your children.
And so we ask you to take care of those we love,
Especially X,
And all those who have died.

Remember everyone who is suffering, in pain or sad.
Remember Christians everywhere
And all the other people in the world.
We are filled with wonder and praise
When we see what you do for us
Through Jesus your Son,
And so we sing: 
Through him,
With him, in him...


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