Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Man Who Lives in the Astor Place Cube

This is the Alamo, a sculpture in Lower Manhattan commonly known as the Astor Place Cube. (It's near Astor Place and Cooper Union.)

It was originally (in 1967) a temporary art installation created by artist Tony Rosenthal, who has a thing about cubes. But the people of the area liked it so much, they petitioned the city to keep it.  And it's now just a happy element of this area of the city.

It's been played with any number of ways:

Redecorated by the visual artist Olek;

Covered to look like a cube from the video game "Portal";

And redone as the classic Rubik's Cube. 

But maybe the best thing ever done with the Cube is this new video about the New York City man living inside the Cube. Check it out. (And then go here for the answer to the question you'll be asking.)