Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Yorkers Are So Much Kinder Than Most of the US Gives Them Credit For

I had the great joy of living in New York for five years. And it was interesting, when I told people in the Midwest that I was being assigned there, some reacted as though they thought I was being punished.  There were lots of comments about how dangerous New York was (myths about the subway are so prevalent), and crowded and loud and how New Yorkers are just plain rude.

When I moved to LA in 2010, I heard a lot of the same things. Not quite so often -- there's a lot of New Yorkers in LA -- but still, enough to shock me.

I will say, in my later years in New York the crowds were a challenge. You have to be a fighter to push through some days, and that could be tough.

But still, the common characterization of NYC folk is so off. To my mind, here's a glimpse of the real New Yorker:

PS What kind of a business magazine does a survey about "the most arrogant state"?


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