Friday, March 7, 2014

Get Your Lent On(line): Resources

If you're looking for some online materials for Lent -- well, I can't offer you this nun (and given the look on her face that might be a good thing...), but here are some places doing interesting things.

Creighton University offers a whole bunch of different online Lenten experiences (including, I note, an ongoing group discussion of Mercy in the City, the book by Kerry Weber I mentioned yesterday). Their homepage can be a little overwhelming with the sheer number of different opportunities they offer. But if you poke around on some of the links, you'll find some very good articles, book groups and experiences.

Loyola Press also offers a bunch of online Lenten experiences, including a retreat (which has the somewhat terrifying name of an "Ignatian Prayer Adventure"), day by day reflections, and other resources.  It looks like a rich set of opportunities.

The Ignatian News Network has Sr. Rose Pacatte leading a Lenten film series, in which short films and clips from film and TV are used to talk about themes of the season. If you've never heard Sr. Rose, she's well worth a listen. A warm, funny, knowledgeable speaker who has spent her life talking about media and spirituality.

The Jesuits of the United States are together doing an online retreat from Lent through Easter called Moved to Greater Love.  Each day includes a whole bunch of materials to choose from -- a reading from Scripture, an image or video or song, a reading from Jesuit stuff, some questions for reflection. Some of it might be a little "inside baseball" if you're not a Jesuit, but you might also enjoy it.

Lastly, a great friend of mine from Australia has started a sort of online spiritual community called "Bamboo" that you might be interested in.  It's not specifically Lenten in its focus; it's more an opportunity for people interested in service and spirituality to share their experiences with one another. If you go to the site you can click on reflections and also sign up to become a member (which involves a weekly email update).  Bamboo is very much in its infancy, but it's a really interesting idea.


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